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hydrogen og biler

Greenstat is working to develop projects related to sustainable hydrogen production all over Norway, and will eventually explore international prospects. Greenstat is interested in large scale production as well as smaller production facilities based on local energy.

Greenstat is working towards the sustainable production of hydrogen becoming a reality in all of Norway, first and foremost in transport, naval, industrial and export markets. 

We are primarily focusing on:

  • Transportation 

  • Maritime 

  • Industry

  • Export

Greenstat desires to be both owner and operator of hydrogen energy plants, either independently or cooperatively. The company is working closely with partners and has joint efforts with Nel Hydrogen and Hy2gen. 

Greenstat is a shareholder in several companies, Glomfjord Hydrogen and Green H2 Norway among others. 

The company has been preoccupied with hydrogen in Norway from the very beginning, and holds a strong position in the Norwegian market.



Everfuel og Greenstat inngår samarbeid om kostnadseffektiv verdkjede for hydrogen i Norge

Everfuel og Greenstat har inngått en samarbeidsavtale for å utvikle konkurransedyktig forsyning av hydrogen nullutslipps-mobilitet på jernbane,

Greenstat invests in Indian hydrogen

Greenstat AS has great ambitions and growth plans in renewable energy in general, particularly in hydrogen. As an important part of the company’s

Project finances allocated to studying offshore wind in the southern part of the North Sea

Together with partners, Greenstat has been awarded NOK 550 000 from Vestland County Municipality, for studying optimized use of offshore wind energy