Greenstat is involved in several green hydrogen projects and has a position as one of Norway's most central competitors in hydrogen production. 

Our ambition is to own and operate hydrogen production facilities and offer hydrogen to consumers - alone or in partnership with others. To operate with hydrogen on both a large and small scale, we believe it is important to collaborate. That is why we work closely with other companies in the entire value chain. For example, Nel, Everfuel, Norwegian Hydrogen, Gen2Energy, Aker Horizon, Hyds and other local energy companies. As of today, Greenstat co-owns Narvik Hydrogen AS, Glomfjord Hydrogen AS, H2 Marine, Meraker Hydrogen AS, Viken Hydrogen AS, Stord Hydrogen AS and Htwo Fuel AS - and will continue to establish new alliances and update our network both in, and outside of Norway. 

Since the beginning of Greenstat's journey in 2015, we have studied, analysed, and contributed to constructing a market for hydrogen, so that we can now enter - what we think will be called - the hydrogen age. Hydrogen differs from our other focus areas because it is not a source of energy, but an energy carrier, that allows the transport of energy in a usable form, from one place to another. So, it can later be used for both propulsion and heating or as a reducing agent in industrial processes.

Please contact

Henrik Meland Madsen

VP Hydrogen

+47 415 70869