Norway is blessed with some of the best wind power resources in Europe, both on land and at sea. We believe that wind power from turbines in industrial and commercial areas can make a substantial contribution to the future of the renewable energy mix - if it’s carefully positioned. Wind power works well together with hydroelectricity because production rises in the winter months, when we use more heat, and when the inflow to the water reservoirs is at its lowest. At the same time, wind together with solar power can be placed where it’s produced to increase accessibility of renewable power produced locally.

It's important to us that the value creation of the green transition increases a greater extent to the local environments that are affected by the facilities, and we always facilitate local involvement in our projects. We value good procedures and always
work closely with councils and local communities when designing projects. By doing so, we ensure that the development is adapted to each location and has little impact on the environment and society.

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Gudmund Synnevåg Sydness

VP Wind

+47 922 02 142