Greenstat is a company in continuous growth, and we are looking for the right candidates who can fuel our vision: Making Green Happen!

In Greenstat, you get the opportunity to develop in line with the rapid technological development in the energy sector, and to contribute to accelerating the green transition in a high-competence company with short lines of decision-making and great speed. 


We are currently searching for:

Solcellemontør elektro

We are always happy to receive applications from candidates possessing the following competencies: 

  • Senior project managers within the field of hydrogen. 
  • Entrepreneurial types who see possibilities connected with Greenstats current focus areas, or new market opportunities. 
  • Individuals with considerable networks who can act as door openers toward new markets and/or geographical regions.

Values you should identify with if you wish to work for Greenstat:  

  • Green Mindset
  • Responsiveness
  • Expertise
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Neutral

Open applications can be sent to: