Markets for hydrogen

Hydrogen is an important source to successfully decarbonise the transport sector. Norway has a unique opportunity to be in a leading role in terms of using hydrogen as fuel for ships. At Greenstat, we work predominantly towards markets within the transport, maritime, industrial and export sectors.

All the components needed to put hydrogen into use in for transportation both on land and at sea are available today, but the technology and the necessary infrastructure must be scaled and rolled out on a large scale. To do this, we must work alongside the market, so that consumption and production can be synchronised. It is vital that the industry and politicians work rapidly and purposefully together, so that we get the wheels moving and achieve a price that can compete with today's fossil solutions. 

We are already working on several projects that can make green hydrogen available on a large scale for ferries, ships, aquaculture, fishing, trucks, trains, and in the construction industry. In addition to other developments, we are involved in three projects that have gained status as national hydrogen hubs along the Norwegian coast in Glomfjord, Rørvik and Kristiansand.

We work intentionally to position ourselves in strategic locations and we are in progress with the establishing of hydrogen production along the Norwegian coast.

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