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Industrial Wind


Greenstat wants to make a larger part of Norwegian energy production happen locally, with minimal impact on the local environment. Our vision is to see a reduction in greenhouse emissions without compromising natural diversity.

Our «Industrivind» projects will only take place in areas which have already been visibly marked by human activity. 

The average project will consist of 1-5 turbines ranging from a few hundred KW to 2-3 MW. 

We invite potential partners and landowners to contact us should they be interested in buying local energy or developing properties appropriate for wind farms. 

We place high importance on local involvement and proper processes.

Greenstat also also helps ensure Norwegian ownership of Norwegian wind energy resources.



Project finances allocated to studying offshore wind in the southern part of the North Sea

Together with partners, Greenstat has been awarded NOK 550 000 from Vestland County Municipality, for studying optimized use of offshore wind energy