Solar system

Solar systems have really been allowed to shine in recent years and there is no doubt that solar power will play a major role in our future energy system. Solar panels can be placed on all types of roofs but can also be integrated into buildings. The reimbursement period for both agriculture, commercial buildings and private homes is short. The profitability can also increase significantly by selling surplus power.

Private homes

Imagine being able to produce your own electricity on the top of your house, cabin, or industrial building. Through partnerships, such as with builders, Greenstat supplies solar systems to the private market on a larger scale. By installing a solar cell system on the roof of private houses, the average owner will be able to replace large parts of his electricity bill with short-distance, clean energy that pays for itself in about 12 years.

Our solar experts work closely with construction companies that use solar cells from reputable suppliers. Together, we prepare solutions adapted to each roof's unique features. If you want to be more independent from the mains, we also install battery systems alongside the solar system. By doing this, you will be able to store surplus power and increases your self-sufficiency. This also means that you will have access to your own electricity in the event of a power cut.


Shed and barn roofs can be a gold mine for short-distance electricity. Due to large surfaces and often high-power consumption, the agricultural sector can get great returns from installing solar systems. Our experience is that these installations have a payback period of less than 10 years and a lifetime of more than 25 years. As of today, there are far too many untouched roofs around Norway that could contribute to more sustainable food production and farming.


Solar energy has huge potential in the business world, and more and more companies are investing in solar systems to save money on electricity bills and become more sustainable.

By using solar power, businesses do not only lead the way to new value creation in tomorrow's business world, but also contribute to creating new jobs as fossil energy phases out. There are often large roofs on top of commercial buildings that are ideal for solar panels. It’s a safe investment to take advantage of the opportunities in buildings and properties already now.

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