Refrence projects solar systems

A selection of reference solar system projects Greenstat has installed.

Foto: Knut Neerland

Solar projects


Greenstat Energy is constantly expanding our project portfolio in Norway. We are focused on the industrial market segment, but we also supply our partners with system solutions for residential projects. We have installed large scale solar systems for both agricultural and commercial facilites with the focus on optimizing the customer's value. We perform a detailed analysis for the calculated energy production and optimize the solar system to the power consumption profile for each project - maximizing the value of the investement.

Commercial building in Grimstad

Næringsbygg grimstad.jpg

122,4 kWp solar system on the roof

21,6 kWp solar system on the facade

150 kWh / 50 kW battery storage solution

Commercial building in Mandal


Solar panels on the roof and on the facade to harness the summer and winter sun.

Farm house


24,4 kWp solar system

The solar panels are integrated into the roof with metal fittings on the sides for an aestetically pleasing look

The warehouse for Greenstat's solar department in Arendal


249 kWp solar system to supply multiple businesses. The project is installed on the building where Greenstat Energy solar department has its storage and office facility in Stoa, Arendal.