Glomfjord Hydrogen AS

Here i Glomfjord Industrialpark the worlds largest production facility for green hydrogen was located until 1993. Now Glomfjord Hydrogen AS is going to reestablish green hydrogen production and offer compressed hydrogen to the market. Greenstat is owner together with partners Nel ASA, Meløy Energi AS and Troms Kraft AS.

Engenbreen med elven i front, august 2019.

Glomfjord Hydrogen AS

The endless cycle of water favors Glomfjord Industrial Park with abundant access to icy cold and valuable water, the feedstock for both green hydrogen and renewable electricity.

It is therefore no coincidence that Glomfjord Hydrogen is one of the most mature projects in Greenstat's hydrogen portfolio. Everything is in place here for a competitive production of hydrogen. The area has been fully developed and prepared for industrial activity and the area is familiar with the production of hydrogen from the past.

Access to power for production is also secured and it is possible to expand production beyond the first planned development stage. The prices for both transmission and power are in an attractive range. The industrial park also has infrastructure in place for logistics, cooling water, high-voltage and low-voltage electricity.

The customer base for the hydrogen produced is intended both for local consumers such as maritime consumers and land transport, but there are also plans for the transport of hydrogen to customers outside the region.

Envoa Maritime Hub

In 2022, Glomfjord Hydrogen, in strong competition with a number of other good projects, was awarded Enova support of 150 MNOK to realize the first development stage of the production plant for green hydrogen.

This first development stage is planned to produce 8 tonnes of green hydrogen per day which is delivered compressed in containers at 350 bar.

It is mainly maritime consumption that will be the offtake for the first development stage, this is one of the criteria from Enova and underpins a strategy to support a green shift within the maritime industry, where Enova also provides support for the construction of new ships that will run on hydrogen.

We are humbled that Glomfjord has been selected as one of Norway's five maritime hubs with an instrumental position in the maritime transition towards zero emission solutions.

Strong owners

Glomfjord Hydrogen was established in 2016 and is owned by strong industrial companies. In addition to Greenstat, the owners of the company are Troms Kraft, Meløy Energi and NEL. As in all Greenstat's projects, local partners are important and we are very happy to have local power companies on board. With its long history in the production of green hydrogen NEL has also been instrumental in developing Glomfjord Hydrogen into the solid company it is today.

A bit of history

Glomfjord previously housed the world's largest electrolysis production with a 300 MW plant that was in operation between 1949 and 1993. At the time, it was Yara that operated the hydrogen factory as part of its fertilizer production. In 1993, the green hydrogen production was outcompeted by natural gas prices. Now the roles have changed and soon the green hydrogen will be back in Glomfjord.