India demonstrates its green hydrogen ambitions with new National Green Hydrogen Mission

The launch of the amended green hydrogen mission on 4th January 2023 and the new hydrogen strategy will provide the country with sufficient traction to help it achieve the state of being energy independent before India completes her 100 years of independence.

The cabinet approves for the new green hydrogen mission

Published: Jan 16, 2023 at 9:13 AM

Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt ltd would be an essential participant and contributor to this mission as it shares a similar inclination for green hydrogen and its development by making green happen!

This mission is a part of various decarbonization strategies to make India energy independent. It consists of four significant components that aim to enhance the domestic production of green hydrogen and to propagate the manufacturing of electrolyzers which are pertinent to produce green hydrogen. Greenstat Hydrogen India Pvt Ltd (GHIPL) has a reason to commemorate this mission as it would enable it to augment the status of green hydrogen in India along with its expertise and experience. The approved initial outlay is 2.38 bn USD.

Greenstat Hydrogen India knows the various considerations in dealing with the complete strategic framework of green hydrogen establishment in India and can provide insights and support on the various aspects of the Mission such as the setting up of green hydrogen pilot plants. Greenstat Hydrogen India has multiple MOUs with both academic institutions and industrial players and would support the research and development that has been backed by funding of about 48.5 million USD for this mission. This will improve the existing technologies with cutting-edge alternatives that can increase the efficiency and cost of multiple production pathways. 

Decarbonization would entail in the major polluting sectors such as industries, logistics and energy sectors. There would be immense development in self-dependence for energy with an increase in indigenous manufacturing facilities that would improve employment opportunities in the country, wherein Greenstat Hydrogen India can be a major contributor. The 2.11 bn USD that the cabinet has specified for strategic interventions for the green hydrogen transition (SIGHT) programme, would be an ideal aspect of exploration for Greenstat Hydrogen India along with its significant collaborators. 

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