Greenstat to participate in the second largest solar power plant in Slovenia

At Port of Koper, a consortium of partners plan to build the second largest solar power plant in Slovenia with a total capacity of 3 Megawatts. It will be installed on the roof of the future warehouse 54 at the General Cargo Terminal on Pier II.


Published: Jul 19, 2022 at 12:00 AM

The SOPOREM project successfully applied for funding from EEA and Norway Grants (appr. 2.6 MEURO). The Soporem project consists of three partners: Luka Koper, Greenstat, and the Municipality of Koper. Greenstat’s part of the project is a study to optimize the construction of solar power plants and will determine future steps for the development of solar power for the harbor to become energy self-sufficient (combined with the idea of a future green port). With the construction of a solar power plant both in Luka Koper and the Municipality of Koper, we will ensure higher energy self-sufficiency of the port and Municipality of Koper, less dependence on fluctuations in electricity prices on the market, and contribute to increasing the usage of solar energy in the region.