Greenstat Celebrates Sri Lanka's Ambitious Green Hydrogen Roadmap

Paving the Way for Sustainable Energy Transformation

Published: Aug 2, 2023 at 1:20 PM


We celebrate the momentous announcement of Sri Lanka's Green Hydrogen Roadmap, a landmark initiative in the country's journey towards a sustainable energy future. Greenstat is proud to have been actively involved in supporting the drafting of this visionary roadmap through its dedicated team in Sri Lanka.

The Government’s forward-thinking plan sets the stage for a sustainable energy transformation in Sri Lanka, emphasizing the importance of collective resolve in tackling the global climate crisis. It recognizes the challenges faced by countries in the global South, who are disproportionately affected by climate change despite their minimal contributions to global emissions.

With its abundant wind and solar resources, Sri Lanka is well-positioned to pursue Green Hydrogen as a key pillar of its sustainable development strategy. The surplus energy generated from these renewable sources will be harnessed for grid-independent export, driving the rapid growth of the Green Hydrogen industry. This initiative leverages Sri Lanka's strategic geographical location to become an energy hub, attracting global capital and delivering value to its citizens.

Drawing showing shipping traffic. Red dots: Identified Locations for Green fuels bunkering and export
Drawing showing shipping traffic. Red dots: Identified Locations for Green fuels bunkering and export

Greenstat's team in Sri Lanka has been actively involved in collaborating with local stakeholders and experts in drafting the Green Hydrogen Roadmap. Their expertise in green energy technologies, coupled with their commitment to sustainable solutions, has contributed to the comprehensive and ambitious nature of the roadmap.

As a prominent advocate for green energy solutions, Greenstat is delighted to support Sri Lanka's commitment to decarbonization and the integration of renewable resources into the energy sector. The Green Hydrogen Roadmap aligns perfectly with Greenstat's mission to make green happen.

Greenstat recognizes the significance of international collaboration and the exchange of expertise in achieving global energy goals. Through its team in Sri Lanka, the company has forged strong partnerships and actively engaged with local communities to ensure the roadmap's relevance and effectiveness.

The announcement of Sri Lanka's Green Hydrogen Roadmap marks a turning point in the nation's journey towards a sustainable future and exemplifies the critical role that innovative solutions such as Green Hydrogen play in the global energy transition. Greenstat stands ready to continue supporting Sri Lanka's efforts and looks forward to collaborating closely with the local team in the implementation of the roadmap.

Stay tuned for further updates on Greenstat's collaboration with Sri Lanka and our joint efforts to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy and build a brighter future for generations to come.