A green shift essentially translates to an economy that is self-reliant, energy efficient and has an empowered workforce. It can create millions of jobs, enhance energy security, and tangibly reduce nationwide greenhouse gas emissions.

Highly motivated Greenstat India team passionate about Making Green Happen.

Published: Oct 30, 2023 at 9:10 PM


Dilip Jawale, vice president of Greenstat India, talks about the current development status and shares his forward looking thoughts on the green shift in his region.

– Necessary measures must be undertaken by the Indian government to make the green shift a reality. This can be possible only through government regulations, incentives, policies and taxation and through private players who are proactive in their activities bypassing the time taken to enact governmental policies. We want to be an important player regarding green hydrogen, and working with proven tools makes our team more confident and enthusiastic about taking part in this fundamental change.

Dilip Jawale is enthusiastic and optimistic talking about the green shift in India.

– We tell our teams that we are not product providers but we are solution providers and project development partners.

In their work towards a more sustainable future, the obstacles the company faces are many. The majority of customers, partners and clients want to know about the cost of green hydrogen and ask questions on how it compares with fuel. Also questions on rapidly changing technology and the existing investment becoming stranded like other sectors like high-cost solar, wind or gas turbines are being asked.

– We tell them clearly that the cost of fossil fuels and its availability in the future is going to be on an upward trajectory due to Geopolitical circumstances and low investment support on fossil fuel projects by the investment community.


Formalizing our relationship with Surat based KP Group for setting up standalone Green hydrogen plants across India.


Greenstat Hydrogen is continuously involved in projects that can accelerate the green hydrogen ecosystem in their systems, processes and industries. In this way Greenstat will be able to offer the benefits of taking up a pilot so that the future cost decrease can be adopted rather than investing entirely on big projects.

– For us it is important to convince customers and partners that by doing a pilot, the entire supply chain gets tested including the safety and certification aspects. Our strategy to give importance to safety is very key to our winning projects.

Green hydrogen can be the fuel of the future and Greenstat Hydrogen stands by this. Greenstat Hydrogen India also actively participates in various webinars, seminars, and international and national conferences to propagate and learn about the significance of green hydrogen as a source of energy. Greenstat Hydrogen has a robust social media presence that elevates the stance and allows them to interact with like-minded individuals who are also interested in the green hydrogen domain.

Greenstat Hydrogen is constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate with other industries, government agencies, private industry players and research organizations. The company also has a Centre of Excellence in collaboration with its parent company Greenstat Norway, wherein there are multiple prominent industrial and research players who all work together to make the green hydrogen transition in India a certainty.


Greenstat is part of the consortium in the State of Kerala focusing on the decarbonisation of the waterways which will lead to Green Tourism.

Both India and Norway are endowed with natural resources that can assist in the production of green hydrogen.

– The collaboration between Norway and India is quite fruitful. Norway has technical expertise in the maritime sector, and India has huge potential for the development of the maritime sector.

Mr. Dilip also sees the value in the green hydrogen hubs awarded by the Government of Norway to Greenstat Consortium, alongside the experience of the key Norwegian staff and directors this gives confidence to Indian partners.

All together appropriate funding and bursaries from global and national initiatives can additionally contribute towards the establishment of the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy enabling a green shift in most of the industries and sectors in India. Greenstat is looking forward to play an important role in this green future.