From gas station to Greenstation

Greenstat is solely working on sustainable projects focused on the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. We are entirely dedicated to becoming “the green Statoil”.

– We are a wide energy and technology company working exclusively with sustainable projects, entrepreneur and Greenstat manager Vegard Frihammer says. 

We want the public to take ownership. As of today, the company has more than 530 shareholders ranging from billionaires like Trond Mohn to grandparents who want to invest in a green future for their children and grandchildren. 

– Greenstat is a frontrunner in the green transition. We want to show that an emission-free society can be reached by using the knowledge and technology which is already available today.

– By uncompromisingly choosing sustainable projects, this goal is reached much faster than if it needs to be counterbalanced by fossil activities the way Equinor [formerly Statoil] does. We want our shareholders’ full confidence, Frihammer adds. 

User-friendly, green energy stations

Greenstat is investing in hydrogen, solar and wind, but are also looking at offshore wind, energy storage solutions and other types of renewable energy. With a long-term mindset, they believe in utilizing Norwegian competence while creating sustainable jobs. 

One of the current projects they place firm confidence in is “Greenstation,” the green energy station of the future. 

– Many people find the EV chargers in Norway difficult to use, which is why we want to find a new and easier way to make this technology available to EV owners, Frihammer says. 

At a Greenstation you will be able to charge rapidly and refill hydrogen seamlessly, while at the same time have access to other offers and services which belong in a green energy station. 

– Today, the hydrogen and rapid charging market is segregated, with companies offering either hydrogen or rapid charging – but the energy stations of the future need to offer both, Frihammer says.

Cheap charging during quiet parts of the day

The chargers will use local energy to the greatest extent possible. Their goal is to have “Greenstations” appear along main roads worldwide. 

– First, we’ll explore how to replace fossil fuels in Norway, and when that has succeeded, we will export our solutions globally. License plate recognition will be a key to securing a good dynamic between vehicles and energy stations. 

When the station is capable of recognizing a vehicle, payment can be processed through an app instead of using the charger/pump itself.

– We are also planning on a differentiated price structure where the energy is cheaper at night. In that way, everyone can charge at a reasonable price, Frihammer concludes. 

Translated version of an interview published in Teknisk Ukeblad March 24th 2020. The original version can be found here

Greenstation will employ new technology for a seamless interaction with the chargers/pumps.


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