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Possible expansion: 2-3  MW

Municipality: Hå

Greetstat is currently planning to develop a project for the installation of 2 wind turbines in Kviamarka in Hå kommune. This is an area with both good wind conditions and a large local energy consumption from among others Tine Meierier and Miljøgartneriet, in addition to a well-developed electrical infrastructure. New wind power from Kviamarka can be feeded straight into the local net for supply to local industry nearby the wind park.

The Kviamarka wind park is projected with two wind turbines with total heights of 80 and 100 m.

Greenstat is working towards financing parts of the project Kviamarka wind park as a crowd funding, where the local community in Jæren and in Hå kommune will be invited to invest and be part owners of the wind park.  



Project finances allocated to studying offshore wind in the southern part of the North Sea

Together with partners, Greenstat has been awarded NOK 550 000 from Vestland County Municipality, for studying optimized use of offshore wind energy