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Project: Kjerlingland

Current status: In development

Possible expansion: 3-6 MW

Municipality: Lillesand

In partnership with: JB Ugland Fornybar Energi AS

JB Ugland Fornybar Energi AS and Greenstat are now turning our attention to the possibility of creating an energy hub close by Kjerlingland. A preliminary project has been initiated to study an energy system in its entirety, with sustainable hydrogen from #Industrivind and solar as well as excess heat from the hydrogen production. The goal is to make hydrogen available to heavy traffic passing through on the E-18 route. “From wind and solar to tank”.

The wind farm is planned to have 3-4 turbines with a total height of 90 and 110 meters. 

A joint effort has been initiated with the University of Agder to pursue the Energy Hub Kjerlingland project, with several planned research-and-development tasks within energy solutions and engineering sciences.



Project finances allocated to studying offshore wind in the southern part of the North Sea

Together with partners, Greenstat has been awarded NOK 550 000 from Vestland County Municipality, for studying optimized use of offshore wind energy