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Project: Elgane

Current status: In development

Possible expansion: 10-16 MW

Municipality: Hå

Elgane wind farm is planned directly behind Elgane Center for Motor Sports, a windy area characterized by high noise from the neighboring motorcross and speedway ventures. Greenstat is cooperating with the local landowners and Elgane Motorbike Club to reach a win-win solution for all parties involved. 

Elgane wind farm is planned to have 4-8 wind turbines with a total height ranging from 90 to 110 meters.    

Elgane wind farm is planned to be funded by the public. More specifically, this means the project is open to the local population in and around Elgane and Hå Municipality investing and taking ownership of the farm.



Project finances allocated to studying offshore wind in the southern part of the North Sea

Together with partners, Greenstat has been awarded NOK 550 000 from Vestland County Municipality, for studying optimized use of offshore wind energy