How does Greenstation work?

The green energy stations will remove range anxiety and contribute to seamless trips for EV drivers by offering rapid charging, and eventually hydrogen filling, at stations all over the country – and eventually all over the world. Greenstation will set the standard for green energy stations with a simple and intuitive system, thus making the transition from fossil fuel to emission-free transport easy for everyone.

How does it work?

It should be free of hassle to enter a Greenstation. License plate recognition will identify your car type and direct you to the correct charging point, meaning you don't have to think about which cable or the strength of power your car needs. The only work you must put in is plugging in the cord before charging automatically starts. Paying is easy with a contactless card or through the app at a price that follows the electricity market in our various locations.

The future's charging stations will be a green hub along road stretches tailored to our customers. Zones for resting, and nearby points to buy food and beverages will contribute to pleasant and productive leisure while you fill up the battery.