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Greenstat to participate in the second largest solar power plant in Slovenia


At Port of Koper, a consortium of partners plan to build the second largest solar power plant in Slovenia with a total capacity of 3 Megawatts. It will be installed on the roof of the future warehouse 54 at the General Cargo Terminal on Pier II.

The SOPOREM project successfully applied for funding from EEA and Norway Grants (appr. 2.6 MEURO). The Soporem project consists of three partners: Luka Koper, Greenstat, and the Municipality of Koper. Greenstat’s part of the project is a study to optimize the construction of solar power plants and will determine future steps for the development of solar power for the harbor to become energy self-sufficient (combined with the idea of a future green port). With the construction of a solar power plant both in Luka Koper and the Municipality of Koper, we will ensure higher energy self-sufficiency of the port and Municipality of Koper, less dependence on fluctuations in electricity prices on the market, and contribute to increasing the usage of solar energy in the region.

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