Greenstat consists of dedicated employees with the competence needed to create a greener future. Our employees have long and diverse industry experience and are experts in their areas of operations. At Greenstat we are motivated by a desire to implement the acceleration of the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy and create the world we want for ourselves and those who come after us. Making green happen. Now.

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Vegard Frihammer

CEO / Green Executive Officer / Founder

+47 928 26 952

Trude Brevik Damm


+47 952 65 954

Henrik Meland Madsen

VP Hydrogen

+47 415 70869

Gudmund Synnevåg Sydness

VP Wind

+47 922 02 142

Torstein Thorsen Ekern

VP Business Development & Opportunities

+47 909 82 959

Tomas Fiksdal

Chief Projects Officer, Hydrogen

+47 932 57 114

Kjetil Trovik Midthun

CEO Greensight

+47 971 76 881

Leanne Drøyer

CEO Greenstation

+47 909 23 222

Sebastian Farmen

Managing Director, Greenstat Solar Solutions

+47 951 57 696

Siri Østerhus

Finance Manager

Nina Larsen

HR & Administrative Coordinator

Trine Søberg Saxlund

HR & Administrative Coordinator

Knut Linnerud

Senior business developer International

Roar Nygaard

Senior Business Development Manager, Greenstation

Oda Marie Ellefsen

R&D coordinator & project manager hydrogen

Are Opstad Sæbø

Senior Project Manager, Hydrogen

Gunnhild Hystad

Project Manager, Hydrogen

Kine Broms Sletengen

Project Manager, Hydrogen

Charly Berthod

Project Manager, Solar

Sveinung Isaksen

Project Manager, Solar

Simona Petroncini

Project Manager, Solar

Amund Fagereng

Project Manager, Solar

Johan Vincent Espedal

Project Manager, Solar

Mats Smørsting Christensen

Solar technician

John Filip Ekrem

Solar technician

Tine Louise Trøen

Energy Advisor, Greensight

Celine Solstad

Energy Advisor, Greensight

Heidi Marie Kalvenes Aardal

Energy Advisor, Greensight

Benjamin Fram

Energy economist and business developer, Greensight