Greenstation is a company working on developing the energy station with functionality and usability in mind.

Our vision is to create a new mobility experience that inspires new sustainable habits. This will be the precondition for accelerating the transition to an emissions free society and complying with the transport policy goals by 2025.

By utilizing new technology and innovation, we are developing a new concept where you can seamlessly charge electric cars and fill hydrogen at the same station. Greenstation will also offer our customers a meaningful break where you gain access to services and other facilities with a green footprint. 

In 2019, our project received funding from Doga (Design og arkitektur Norge) and completed a Design Thinking process to implement an intuitive user-oriented solution that will work in reality. The station is designed to significantly improve today’s user experience and match the global shift in mobility patterns.


Greenstation pilot åpnet på Straume!

14. september var en merkedag for Greenstation! Sammen med Øygarden-ordfører Tom Georg Indrevik åpnet Greenstation fremtidens energistasjon på Straume

Episode 22 Greenstation del 2

Jan Erik og Roar forteller oss mer hvordan Greenstation skal sette en ny standard for ladestasjoner i fremtiden. Du får også høre mer om de

From gas station to Greenstation

Greenstat is solely working on sustainable projects focused on the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. We are entirely dedicated to