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As an important part of Greenstat's vision to accelerathe the world's transition to sustainable energy, Greenstat Asia has been established as a subsidiary company to fulfill our vision globally.


Making Green Happen, Greenstat has  great ambitions to contribute to the industrialization of green hydrogen production in Asia. Through its subsidiary Greenstat Hydrogen India PVT Ltd, Greenstat is well positioned through cooperation agreements with the most important energy and technology companies in India, including state-owned Indian Oil.

Our overall goal is to contribute to international value creation through the transfer of hydrogen competence and expertise to Asia.


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India Center of Excellence Hydrogen 

In collaboration with Indian Oil and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Greenstat will establish a Norwegian-Indian hydrogen competence center in New Delhi, the Center of Excellence Hydrogen. The center will be an important catalyst for accelerating the hydrogen economy and put India at the forefront of hydrogen globally. 

Together with several Norwegian hydrogen actors, Greenstat will facilitate cooperation at government level, between Norwegian and Indian R&D institutions and commercial actors.

The signing of the collaboration between Greenstat and Indian Oil resulted in massive media coverage in India:



Greenstat invests in Indian hydrogen

Greenstat AS has great ambitions and growth plans in renewable energy in general, particularly in hydrogen. As an important part of the company’s