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Green Yacht is a company developing emission-free energy solutions for the maritime sector, first and foremost in the market for yachts and recreational boats, but also other markets eventually. The company primarily focuses on hydrogen-based systems combined with batteries in order to reach optimal performance in regard to range, speed and charging time.

By utilizing Norwegian research, development and innovation our goal is to convert our Hydrogen Viking, a 95 Sunseeker, to a hydrogen powered high-speed yacht. The company will sell systems to new vessels as well as for rebuilding existing boats.  

The Hydrogen Viking is the perfect pilot platform to exhibit the latest hydrogen technology for zero-emission marine mobility. Our vision is to etablish a design basis and operational knowledge for safe, efficient and reliable integration of fuel cell systems in the marine enviroment. As a result, our Hydrogen Viking will play an important role as the foundation for future sustainability in the marine sector. We call it the future of Marine Mobility.


To accel the project we are looking for financial and scientific partners to help us develop the energy system for our Yacht. Please see our whitepaper for further details about our business case.

As of today, Green Yacht AS is owned by Peb AS, Gibe AS, Greenstat AS and Prototech AS.   

Equity is being issued to acquire 3-6 MNOK. The minimum investment is 37 500,-. 

Contact for more information.  

Hydrogen Viking at BMV Laksevåg in Bergen.



Everfuel og Greenstat inngår samarbeid om kostnadseffektiv verdkjede for hydrogen i Norge

Everfuel og Greenstat har inngått en samarbeidsavtale for å utvikle konkurransedyktig forsyning av hydrogen nullutslipps-mobilitet på jernbane,

Greenstat invests in Indian hydrogen

Greenstat AS has great ambitions and growth plans in renewable energy in general, particularly in hydrogen. As an important part of the company’s

Project finances allocated to studying offshore wind in the southern part of the North Sea

Together with partners, Greenstat has been awarded NOK 550 000 from Vestland County Municipality, for studying optimized use of offshore wind energy